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Here’s how Bambú Builder helps organizations reduce IT DEVELOPERS dependency on hard-to-hire, expensive specialists and Industry Insider technologists with two forms of rapid application development (RAD): No Code No code is a subset of modular plug-and-play development that has a hands-off approach and relies solely on visual tools. Low Code Low code is a fast and easy way to develop applications using visual building blocks. It automates See how our partner Bambú Builder tackles code generation, allowing users to focus on unique challenges that organizations face modernizing features instead of programming basics. It falls between and automating IT. From big-picture problems, to manual coding and no code, as users can still add their the specific needs of an SFDC project manager, own code. Bambú Builder has it covered. Bambú Builder enables anyone to create complex Lightning Web Components (LWCs) with little or no coding. Keep reading to learn how Bambú Builder could help a SFDC project manager speed up development, clear IT backlogs, reduce project timelines, and facilitate faster product rollouts.

The Solution Bambú Builder is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop designer for Lightning Web Components that enables organizations to streamline their development lifecycle. Build customized components for a lower cost. The Challenge: Off-the-shelf LWC Get quick customer feedback with less risk. components can be expensive and have a one-size-fits-all approach. The Challenge: Investing significant resources The Solution: Bambú Builder incentivizes is usually needed before a project can be shared in-house customization and saves costs. with customers for feedback. The Solution: Bambú Builder allows developers to get feedback from customers by showcasing easy-to-build prototypes. This shifts the go/no-go decision earlier in the project schedule, minimizing risk and cost. Increase ROI with faster, Improve collaboration agile releases. between business and IT. The Challenge: Manual development is The Challenge: Traditionally, business and expensive and time-consuming. The Solution: Bambú Builder is more development teams have had a push/pull cost-effective due to smaller teams, fewer relationship. The Solution: With more business users resources, lower infrastructure costs, and lower maintenance costs. participating in development, Bambú Builder, fosters a better balance and understanding between the two seemingly different worlds.

The Scenario Bambú Builder solves William’s challenges by helping him to: In this example, let’s imagine how a SFDC project manager could use Bambú Builder to shorten the application development Gain time for innovation. lifecycle and enable developers to One of the advantages of no-code/low-code tools is accomplish more in less time. they promote RAD by making the user experience more accessible. Both citizen and professional developers benefit from core capabilities, such as a visual integrated development environment (IDE), built-in data connectors and/or APIs, and code templates. This functionality has improved the DevOps process, allowing William’s team William Holden more time for innovation. SFDC Project Manager Reduce the IT workload. Less technical employees on William’s team now make a larger business impact: relieving IT department backlogs, William is responsible for reducing shadow IT, and taking more ownership over managing SFDC projects in their business process management workstreams. entirety, from initial approach to Improve requirements gathering. final execution and closure: His Goals: His Challenges: Requirements gathering is accelerated by client making decisions, resolving • Achieve higher productivity • Meet the growing need for engagement. This directly impacts the development conflicts, establishing deadlines, and better decision-making at automation in IT lifecycle, creating functioning prototypes, and, depending setting objectives, and handing lower cost and greater speed • Empower smaller teams to on no-code/low-code scenarios, developer time is further over deliverables. • Empower client engagement counter limited availability of reduced or even completely eliminated. in the prototyping, user developer talent experience, and development • Deliver timely completion of phases of the development projects and reduced backlog lifecycle • Minimize development lifecycle time, even Learn more about Bambú Builder eliminating cycles