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Marketing ISVS optilyz enables companies to run more customer-centric, sustainable, and The Sitecore and Salesforce partnership brings together Sitecore’s leadership in profitable direct mail campaigns. The tool is easily activated within the Salesforce content and digital experience management and Salesforce’s leading capabilities in Marketing Cloud and used by hundreds of companies across Europe. It empowers segmentation and campaign management. The partnership is centred around two marketers to integrate letters, postcards, and self-mailers into their cross-channel important tenets of unified data and faster time to market. The by-product results customer journeys. in the ability to truly personalise, optimise, and speak to customers at a 1:1 level through content, campaigns, and customer relationships. Learn More > Learn More > Phrasee is an AI-powered SaaS platform that revolutionises customer experiences through Brand Language Optimisation. The Phrasee platform brings together Vudoo enables you to create interactive experiences within video content. artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, as the only tool of its kind, to Personalised interactions drive engagement, uncovering insights that enhance generate, optimise, automate, and analyse language in real-time. Joint customers the use of Marketing Cloud, and generate business outcomes. Use cases include of Phrasee and Salesforce can deploy on-brand language at scale, driving significant shoppable video, commerce, ‘choose your own adventure’ and training. campaign performance uplift, with minimal operational effort. Learn More > Learn More > Wunderkind, formerly BounceX, is an expert at helping eComm leaders win SalesWings is the “B2B Studio” for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helping companies to customers by creating true 1:1 experiences for currently anonymous traffic across generate leads for sales teams. Flexible lead website tracking, no-code lead scoring devices. With Salesforce, customers are scaling list growth +4-6x through best- and sales reporting for Sales Cloud, all ensure that the best leads are engaged with in-class email capture strategy, and matching site visitors to CRM, increasing timely and effectively. abandonment email revenue +6x. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — High Tech 17

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