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The Big Picture Medallia enables you to deliver Deliver exceptional customer experiences excellent service. that drive business outcomes. The Challenge: Difficulty identifying and addressing pain points in the customer experience lifecycle can lead Deepen to dissatisfaction and callbacks. customer The Solution: Medallia enables you to reinforce positive behaviors with relationships. real-time engagement and coach The Challenge: Banks need to development areas at the frontline. convert and retain more customers to grow wallet share and assets under management (AUM). The Solution: Medallia helps you identify and solve conversion problems and improve experiences that drive cross-sell and customer referrals. Stop employee churn. The Challenge: High attrition and low morale rates lead to less Deliver service experienced and enthusiastic excellence. employees interacting with customers. The Challenge: Difficulty providing The Solution: Medallia provides consistently superior service ongoing employee listening and experiences in contact center and analytics to sustain engagement branch interactions. throughout an employee’s tenure, The Solution: Medallia up-levels your enabling efforts to improve their front line employee performance and experience, development and job satisfaction through real-time performance. engagement and coaching that leverages rep-specific client feedback

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