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Horizontal ISVs ISVs that have a proven use case across multiple industries and business units Sales ISVs Conga offers solutions designed to make your company’s revenue more predictable. Docomotion makes it easier to automatically generate documents on Salesforce, From quoting, executing, fulfilling, and expanding or renewing contracts, our drastically improving both your business efficiency and your workday. Easily set up technology and holistic approach manage revenue as a lifecycle, making it one-click actions - no code required - to generate any type of document from any automated, integrated, and – most importantly – more intelligent. type of data, or use Salesforce’s inherent automation tools such as Visual Flow. Learn More > Learn More > Delpha is a DataOps solution native to Salesforce that offers both automatic and Automate and connect the entire agreement process with DocuSign. DocuSign manual solutions to improve data quality efficiently and easily for better SalesOps Agreement Cloud for Salesforce helps businesses connect and automate how they performance. Delpha helps your revenue teams recoup 70% of their time that’s prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements — all integrated with Salesforce. With wasted on processing bad CRM data by allowing it to import, enrich, generate, DocuSign, organisations can do business faster with less risk, lower costs, and better cleanse and/or update data automatically. experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Public Sector 88

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