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EMEA Industry Booklet | Find ISV apps for the retail industry to help you solve business challenges.

EMEA ISV Industry Booklet Retail

Contents WELCOME TO THE EMEA ISV INDUSTRY 01. Retail ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3–7 BOOKLET FOR RETAIL 02. Horizontal ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–18 93% of CIOs and IT Leaders say that in order to compete, they need improvements in customer experience and customer facing technology.* 03. Success ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19–23 To achieve this, initiatives to improve system integration and security are considered vital. 04. Get in touch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 AppExchange applications speed up and ease integration as they are built on the same platform as the Salesforce Customer 360. This enables CIOs to break down silos and securely integrate data and systems to achieve a single 360 customer view and therefore drive seamless customer experiences. The AppExchange further aligns with CIO priorities by providing industry-specific applications that further enable digital transformation in their sector. The retail industry has faced many challenges in recent years - made worse by the COVID crisis - leading to store closures, stunted revenue growth, and liquidity concerns. However, this has correlated with a spike in online growth, resulting in retailers looking to leverage digital-led retail and utilise readily-available solutions in order to recover and grow. The AppExchange has over 4,600 solutions across industries and business processes. This booklet highlights the ISV solutions in retail that have the ability to execute in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Virginia Matassa VP ISV Partner Sales APAC & EMEA Salesforce *Salesforce Research analysed survey responses from 100+ technology leaders worldwide

RETAIL ISV 360 EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 3

RETAIL INDUSTRY ISVs ISVs that have a strong, proven use case within a specific industry Bayretail is the only unified commerce and clienteling solution built natively on CoreMedia Content Cloud. Be Iconic. Leverage powerful, easy omnichannel the Salesforce platform for the retail industry. Successful unified commerce and content creation, digital asset management and multi-experience orchestration by clienteling projects on average return up to 42% increase in sales due to drive-to- integrating CoreMedia Content Cloud DXP with Salesforce B2C Commerce, B2B store driven augmented store traffic, higher in-store transaction rates and higher Commerce, and Marketing Clouds. Move at the speed of culture and create iconic purchase frequency. experiences across channels and devices. Available on AppExchange. Learn More > Learn More > Booker25 is a native Salesforce application that allows scheduling of an unlimited DEFACTO is the leading solution provider in the field of direct-to-consumer loyalty amount of resources and reservations, integrating directly with existing CRM data. management. DEFACTO has been supporting brands like HUGO BOSS, Orsay, Calendars include pre-packaged resources, staff and group calendars, or customers Henkel and many more, for over 30 years. The DEFACTO Loyalty Engine enables can create their own calendars from any standard or custom object. Each calendar marketers to be more creative in the way they run their loyalty programs and shape provides an instant overview of availability and occupancy, including the information their relationship with consumers. Natively integrated in Salesforce platform, we about any data related to that booking. leverage the full power of innovation with our clients. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 4

Fielo is loyalty and incentive automation made simple. Our Salesforce-native Rewards or loyalty programs influence consumers’ shopping experience. Consumers loyalty and incentives clouds allow organisations of all sizes to modernise their want more than points and discounts: they expect contextualisation and a programs and bring the flexibility, power and cost advantages of digital to their personalised experience that makes them feel unique. Maxxengine combines critical loyalty and incentive programs. Leading Salesforce customers rely on Fielo promotion and loyalty, connected to all sales channels in real time. Transactions, to create and manage their channel incentives, customer loyalty, and employee social interactions, and customer behaviour are all at a marketing manager’s incentive programs. fingertips to help build commitment, retention and acquisition of new customers. Learn More > Learn More > Today, consumers expect to have a seamless order and delivery experience. Many companies struggle with proving and optimising the business value of their However, retailers try to manage customer journeys across disjointed legacy marketing. Replacing manual processes is a prerequisite for effective marketing business, partner and delivery systems. Our solution enables retailers to deliver an management. The Musqot Marketing Optimisation Platform includes planner, end-to-end omnichannel customer communications and cross-sell strategy across finance and analytics consisting of automated marketing-mix-modeling. Get full digital and mobile channels to improve the consumer experience. control of marketing planning, marketing finance, and instant insights on which marketing activities drive revenue, margins and cash flow. Learn More > Learn More > inRiver is designed to deliver revenue-driving product information for every customer touch point. Over 1,500 brands across 21 countries rely on inRiver to build enduring customer relationships. We turn product data chaos into accurate, managed, fast- moving product information. With inRiver, you know what product content makes an impact, in order to win on the digital shelf and increase selling days. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 5

Built natively on Salesforce, we enable brands to connect, inspire and nurture Reputation Studio helps retail and consumer brands engage with their consumers customers wherever they are. Schedule appointments, connect via email, messaging globally through online product, location, app reviews and questions across Amazon, and video chat, share recommendations, and offer seamless checkout to give Trustpilot, Google, Ocado, Apple App Store, and more, to increase revenues and customers personalised experiences that increase sales and loyalty. In this new era customer satisfaction. Our solution works well with Service Cloud, Social Studio, of retail, personal really is powerful. Einstein Analytics or the Lightning Platform. Customers can also gain key consumer insights by using Einstein. Learn More > Learn More > Complete the True 360° View of your customers by connecting, managing, and analysing customer reviews and questions with nearly 50 integrations including; Dedicated to store associate empowerment, Tulip brings the best of online to the Amazon, Google My Business, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Ocado, Trustpilot, selling floor with a beautifully designed mobile platform that transforms the in-store Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, Yotpo. Aggregate reviews into a single dashboard, customer experience, drives sales, improves service and lowers operational costs. enable direct engagement and unlock AI-powered customer insights. Retailers like Mulberry, David Yurman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kate Spade, Coach and Learn More > Michael Kors use Tulip to deliver an unparalleled omnichannel shopping experience. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 6

Users Love iT solution, negOptim, offers a range of apps that specialise in the editing “Where is my order?” and “How do I return this?”, are common inquiries for retailers. of decisional solutions covering the entire negotiation and commercial process Zenkraft brings real-time shipping data into Salesforce, so that customers get a (from simulation to execution including preparation, validation, contractualisation 360-degree view of order status, customers receive beautiful tracking emails and and editing) for retail and CPG. Main functionalities of the apps include assortment, you can easily email return labels to shoppers. Save time and create better customer S&OP, RGM, trade promotion, negotiation, contract, rebates, provision, invoices, experiences with Zenkraft. and P&L. Learn More > Learn More > Vudoo enables you to create interactive experiences for viewers of your video content. Personalised interactions drive engagement, uncovering insights that enhance the use of Marketing Cloud, and generate business outcomes. The platform can be used across almost any industry, with use cases including marketing, lead generation, commerce, recruitment and training. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 7

Horizontal ISV wheel sales service employee engagement marketing EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 88

Horizontal ISVs ISVs that have a proven use case across multiple industries and business units Sales Conga helps Salesforce customers maximise their CRM investment. As the leader Automate and connect the entire agreement process with DocuSign. DocuSign in digital document transformation, Conga transforms the documents, contracts, Agreement Cloud for Salesforce helps businesses connect and automate how they and processes that businesses use daily by leveraging the data within Salesforce. prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements — all integrated with Salesforce. With Conga empowers companies to create, negotiate, execute, and manage one of their DocuSign, organisations can do business faster with less risk, lower costs, and better most critical business assets: documents, so they can focus on driving business and experiences for customers, partners, and employees. revenue faster. Learn More > Learn More > Dun & Bradstreet is the global leader in commercial data. We provide native data Docomotion makes it easier to automatically generate documents on Salesforce, management capabilities to the Salesforce ecosystem which ensures that clients drastically improving both your business efficiency and your workday. Easily set up have confidence in the information held on their accounts, leads and contacts. Our one-click actions - no code required - to generate any type of document from any solutions are easy to deploy, prevent duplication and keep key information updated. type of data, or use Salesforce’s inherent automation tools such as Visual Flow. We enable more accurate reporting, increased sales productivity and greater user adoption. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 99

Fonteva enables membership organisations to modernise their technology platform Unleash the power of content without leaving Salesforce. Seismic’s leading sales to navigate today’s fast-changing environment, better serve members, and achieve enablement solution delivers personalised content at scale right from the Salesforce current and future goals. Fonteva is a full enterprise software solution used by over platform. Over 700 enterprises, including IBM, Allianz, and American Express, rely 300 associations around the world to bring member communities together and drive on Seismic’s solution to support field and inside sales teams, helping to improve data-informed decision making. sales efficiency, increase Salesforce engagement, and close bigger deals faster. Learn More > Learn More > Recently recognised as a top 10 fastest growing technology company in Deloitte’s Showpad is the most complete and flexible sales enablement platform, relied Fast 50 Awards, Introhive helps organisations realise the full value of their on by marketing and sales teams to prepare sellers, engage buyers and optimise relationships and under-utilised data. By ensuring adoption at all levels of Salesforce performance through insights. Providing a single user experience, our solution implementation, Introhive ensures users fully embrace CRM and keeps data clean makes it easy to discover and share the right content, deliver training and coaching, and accurate, thus increasing ROI and pipeline growth. and maximise seller productivity. Learn More > Learn More > Make mobile calls count, with the only operator-agnostic, network-grade solution that provides organisations with a 360-degree view of business communications SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce is the industry-leading enterprise document without compromising on privacy. Capture, log, record, transcribe and integrate your generation platform specifically designed to meet today’s complex customer needs. employees’ cellular business communications with Salesforce, HVS, AI-based BI and SmartCOMM helps enterprises deliver personalised, interactive communications other systems. via customers’ preferred channels. Designed for the business user, SmartCOMM Learn More > simplifies and standardises communications processes leading to improved internal efficiency, increased ROI and better customer experience. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 10

SMS-Magic are leaders in conversational messaging for service providers Xactly is leading the way in sales performance management delivering planning, (health, education, staffing, finance and more), helping them generate more execution, and optimisation to ambitious and complex sales organisations. We help leads (bulk sends), qualify more leads and service more customers (automate sales orgs change and adapt to optimal sales capacity, territories, comp plans, and communication) on messaging channels like SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook payment structures. Sales representatives get visibility, managers find clarity, and all Messenger among others. leaders across finance, accounting, and your go-to-market org see a return. Learn More > Learn More > Upland Altify helps revenue teams connect to customer’s goals, buying processes and desired outcomes. Our Customer Revenue Optimisation (CRO) applications are 100% Salesforce native, and help align the revenue teams generate value and grow revenue. Altify applications provide the strategy, methodology, and technology to ensure you win opportunities that matter, grow revenue in key accounts and build repeatable winning sales processes. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 1111

service Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, Cadalys Service Management is a 100% Cognism enables customers to generate new prospect data and update existing native IT Service Management (ITSM) application that delivers out-of-the-box IT records natively within Salesforce. Our customers love how Cognism saves Infrastructure Library (ITIL) workflows, providing a unified service and support them time building new audiences and how we keep bounce rates low, improve experience for employees, customers and partners. Cadalys Service Management segmentation of leads and improve the accuracy of reports by instilling trust in the works seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud for fast configuration, ease-of-use, CRM data. and flexibility without the expense and burden of relying on other platforms or software. Learn More > Learn More > Coveo enables enterprises to thrive in the experience age, through delivering unique experiences that are relevant, unified, and valuable. The Coveo Experience Every company runs projects, for research and development marketing, customer Intelligence Platform uses AI, intelligent search and recommendation technologies onboarding, customer success, IT and much more. Cloud Coach is the only to personalise millions of digital experiences. Coveo delivers solutions for commerce enterprise class project management solution built on Salesforce. Cloud Coach and service built on the coveo experience intelligence platform for enterprises in supports both waterfall and agile project methodologies so there is no business we high tech, manufacturing and financial services. can’t help provide value to! Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 12

The Medallia Experience Cloud is a customer experience platform, which brings Odigo delivers cloud contact centre solutions to enterprise customers in over 80 together the best capabilities for collecting voice-of-customer feedback and signals, countries worldwide. As a leader in Natural Language Processing, Odigo helps analysing the results and bringing insights to employees for customer-centric action. businesses to automate the qualification of customer calls and manage interactions With the Medallia Sales & Service Experience integration application, this outside-in with their customers. As a Service Cloud Voice Telephony Partner, Odigo drives view of the customer can be unified with Salesforce data to ensure that employees personalised customer interactions across any channel, combining data-driven are aligned with customers, drive higher customer loyalty, and improve design with Einstein AI. business outcomes. Learn More > Learn More > Complete the true 360° view of your customers by connecting, managing, and Natterbox delivers global cloud telephony, 100% embedded in Salesforce. analysing customer reviews and questions with nearly 50 integrations including: Natterbox empowers businesses to use live CRM data to deliver personalised Amazon, Google My Business, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Ocado, Trustpilot, phone journeys, with high call quality, around the globe. Natterbox enables you to Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews and Yotpo. Reputation Studio aggregates reviews into a increase efficiency, improve productivity and enhance the customer experience. single dashboard, enabling direct engagement and unlocking AI-powered Plus, Natterbox Freedom offers a transformative interface with the ability to work customer insights. wherever you want, from any device you want. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 13

Live video support with AR and AI for customers, technicians, and providers. Escalate Vonage Contact Centre for Salesforce is the 100% native global business cloud any conversation to a video call, so your team sees what your customer, technician, telephony system for the world’s leading CRM platform. The highest rated voice or patient sees. Remotely diagnose and guide to fast problem resolution. SightCall solution (over 730 five-star reviews) on the AppExchange, it enables personalised customers cross many industries including manufacturing, telco, insurance client relationships at enterprise scale, super-charges agent productivity from white and utilities. glove to high volume support, and provides artificial conversation intelligence (AI) to enhance every touch point on every interaction. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 14

Marketing Bynder is the leader among cloud-based digital asset management, workflow and Movable Ink powered campaigns auto-generate 1:1 personalised content at scale, brand management platforms because of the preference among clients for its easy- live at the moment of engagement. Marketers can leverage first and third-party to-navigate user interface and enterprise-grade feature set. Bynder has grown rapidly data sources to power these campaigns across email, web, and mobile, based on in EMEA and AMER with customers including Shell, Philips, Tommy Hilfiger, Forever the creative and brand standards previously defined. This ensures every customer 21, Irving Oil, and Sally Beauty. communication contains relevant, personalised, and accurate content that compels users to act. Learn More > Learn More > CoreMedia Content Cloud. Be Iconic. Leverage powerful, easy omnichannel content creation, digital asset management and multi-experience orchestration by optilyz enables companies to run more customer-centric, sustainable, and integrating CoreMedia Content Cloud DXP with Salesforce B2C Commerce, B2B profitable direct mail campaigns. The tool is easily activated within the Salesforce Commerce, and Marketing Cloud. Move at the speed of culture and create iconic Marketing Cloud and used by hundreds of companies across Europe. It empowers experiences across channels and devices. marketers to integrate letters, postcards, and self-mailers into their cross-channel customer journeys. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 15

Phrasee is an AI-powered SaaS platform that revolutionises customer experiences The Sitecore and Salesforce partnership brings together Sitecore’s leadership in through Brand Language Optimisation. The Phrasee platform brings together content and digital experience management and Salesforce’s leading capabilities in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, as the only tool of its kind, to segmentation and campaign management. The partnership is centered around two generate, optimise, automate, and analyse language in real-time. Joint customers important tenets of unified data and faster time to market. The by-product results of Phrasee and Salesforce can deploy on-brand language at scale, driving significant in the ability to truly personalise, optimise, and speak to customers at a 1:1 level campaign performance uplift, with minimal operational effort. through content, campaigns, and customer relationships. Learn More > Learn More > SalesWings is the “B2B Studio” for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helping companies to Vudoo enables you to create interactive experiences within video content. generate leads for sales teams. Flexible lead website tracking, no-code lead scoring Personalised interactions drive engagement, uncovering insights that enhance and sales reporting for Sales Cloud, all ensure that the best leads are engaged with the use of Marketing Cloud, and generate business outcomes. Retail is a leader in timely and effectively. adopting our technology, with use cases including shoppable video, commerce, Learn More > ‘choose your own adventure’ and training. Learn More > Wunderkind, formerly BounceX, is an expert at helping eComm leaders win customers by creating true 1:1 experiences for currently anonymous traffic across devices. With Salesforce, customers are scaling list growth +4-6x through best- in-class email capture strategy, and matching site visitors to CRM, increasing abandonment email revenue +6x. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 16

employee engagement Bullhorn for Salesforce is a comprehensive recruitment application built on the m|ployee is a solution for the staffing and professional service industry on the platform supporting the sales, recruiting, and operational processes Salesforce platform. You can implement m|ployee as a stand-alone solution or as an within staffing agencies. Used by some of the largest agencies in the world, Bullhorn add-on to one of the Salesforce Clouds. Manage candidates, time, contracts, finance accelerates the adoption and usage of the core Salesforce services including Sales and talent all in one place. One single point of truth and 100% control of time and Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and others. resources. Your flows, your processes, your business. Learn More > Learn More > HR2day is the HR and payroll cloud solution for today and tomorrow. The vision is Sage People provides an end-to-end HR solution on the Salesforce platform. Sage to help organisations optimise their HR and payroll processes by using HR2days — a Intacct is the world’s largest global pure-play financial management provider, with 100% native Salesforce cloud application. HR2day is available for the Dutch market excellent integration into Salesforce. Both products have five-star AppExchange and focuses on 250+ employee organisations. The functional scope covers HR reviews. Sage Intacct and People help finance and HR professionals manage administration, self service, talent management, payroll, leave, sickleave, expenses insights to help their organisations analyse, strategise, and anticipate. They integrate and HR analytics. processes and procedures, delivering strong ROI. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 17

SalesTrip is an expense management and travel booking system on Salesforce. Do HR, talent, engagement, performance, people analytics, and payroll are high on the your employees waste time switching between Salesforce, travel booking sites and business agenda and, for Salesforce customers, XCD offers the only single solution. your expense system just to visit customers? SalesTrip combines this. As a business, With three-quarters of UK organisations predicted to increase their HR tech budget does it take days to reconcile these employee travel costs against specific customers, this year, the market potential is huge. So if they say HR, payroll or people software, projects and sales opportunities? SalesTrip automates this. Better manage and justify think XCD. expense spend with SalesTrip. Learn More > Learn More > Sirenum powers the world’s dynamic workforce. The world’s leading employers transform their business operations by relying on Sirenum to streamline the management of their hourly workers. Our cloud-based software enables management to save valuable time in scheduling shifts, managing compliance, monitoring staff, and processing payroll, while increasing gross profit for temporary staffing agencies struggling with the evolving demands of the rapidly emerging dynamic workforce. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 18

success ISV 360 backup usage and adoption security devops EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 1919

success ISVs ISVs that enhance Salesforce, speed up deployments, reduce risk, and increase usage and adoption backup For large organisations that leverage Salesforce as a mission-critical application, GRAX is the leading Data Value Platform for Salesforce. With GRAX, customers Odaseva delivers enterprise-class data governance, providing data protection can own & access their Salesforce history - backup & archive data into their AWS or (backup, ultra-high availability, governor limits AI), data privacy (GDPR, CCPA) and Azure cloud. In addition, GRAX enables customers to pipe their data for dataOps data ops (Salesforce DX Extensions). Odaseva’s data governance platform is trusted easily - data warehouses/lakes, data mastering, and reporting (Tableau, QuickSight, by 10+ million Salesforce Enterprise users from industry-leading companies such as PowerBI, & others). Schneider Electric, Heineken and Robert Half. Learn More > Learn More > OwnBackup believes no company operating in the cloud should ever lose data. With the Salesforce Data Recovery Service being retired, companies running Salesforce need to protect against accidental data loss and corruption from human, technical or operational errors. 2,000 customers across most segments and industries trust OwnBackup’s decades long expertise for automated backup and recovery, sandbox seeding, archiving and compliance. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 2020

devops conemis is Salesforce migration, automated. With pre-built paths from Salesforce, Copado is the #1 native devops platform for Salesforce. We enable faster, error- Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and more to Salesforce, conemis removes risks and delays free digital cloud deployments and upgrades with continuous integration and from any Salesforce migration. The collaborative cloud tool accelerates source deployment technologies, all via an enterprise-class developer platform that is assessment, data migration, consolidation, and overall project timelines for a fast 100% native, fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds. The DevOps lane to success. world is changing at the speed of light, make sure you keep up with Copado. Learn More > Learn More > Panaya’s ForeSight helps you foresee the impact and risk of any change you plan to make, before going live in production. You can run an impact analysis in real time, based on the dependencies of the components in your Salesforce org, including: apex classes, process builders, fields and more. Imagine your next deployment with confidence, minus the risk. That’s ForeSight. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 21

security F-Secure empowers organisations to take full advantage of Salesforce’s rich RevCult offers the only solution for Salesforce that helps businesses find and fix data collaboration capabilities. We do this by protecting companies who collaborate and security weaknesses, making tricky security controls incredibly easy for customers in share content with partners and customers. Unlike traditional endpoint protection consumer & commercial banking, insurance, HLS payer & pharma. Prepare for and products, our solution scans in real-time for malware, computer viruses and harmful pass audits with this simple solution, from a unified, easy-to-navigate, Salesforce- web content in documents uploaded or downloaded from Salesforce. This allows native UI. organisations to stay compliant and safe. Learn More > Learn More > Trusted by over 8,500 facilities in highly-regulated industries, FairWarning delivers the standard for visibility into Salesforce user activity. With FairWarning for Salesforce, you can interpret user behaviors in real-time, speed investigations with workflow automation and predict risk with artificial intelligence. Visualise insider threats with FairWarning to foster a culture of compliance and trust across your employees, partners and customers. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 22

usage and adoption Improved Apps is the only native digital enablement tool for Salesforce. It helps improve user productivity and knowledge by engaging employees, customers and partners in their preferred way. Now, all the training, learning and knowledge absorption can be done in-situ, at the user’s point of need, on any device. A typical customer will see a return on investment within three months. Learn More > InsideBoard is the first digital platform for change management integrated into Salesforce, to boost, measure and sustain user adoption and team performance. Leveraging AI and the power of communities, InsideBoard is the most complete solution for engaging employees in a seamless, self-service and personalised manner and driving company transformation ROI. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 23

EEnnjojoyy r reeaaddinging aabbooutut t thheessee a apppsps?? WWaannt tt to fo fiinndd ooutut m moorree?? AppExchange is the most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace with over 4,600 ready-to- ForFor m mororee in infforormmaattiionon on on A AppppEExxcchhaannggee install solutions and over 2,000 consultants to help you extend Salesforce in any department ssooluluttioionnss,, ddrroop up us a ls a liinnee o or gr geet it in tn toouucchh and industry. AppExchange apps have 9M+ installs and more than 117K customer reviews to wwiitth yh yoouur Sr Saalleessffoorrcce Ae Accccoouunnt Et Exxeeccuuttiivvee help you solve critical challenges and make smarter business decisions. The apps featured in these booklets have been selected based on their strong use cases in the selected industries, and an EMEA presence with in-region support for our customers. EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Retail 2424