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INTRO The world of consumer goods has unique needs and challenges. Use this guide to quickly ifnd AppExchange apps that can help Welcome to your business thrive. Here’s how to use the guide: First, explore best practices on how our guide to ifnd an app that ifts your business challenge. Next, check out our answers to four common questions consumer goods for consumer customers like you have about how to move their business forward faster. Then read the app descriptions and customer goods apps. recommendations. Along the way, be sure to read Appy’s tips. Solutions selected for app guides start with you: customer favorites. We look at reviews and ratings to make sure apps are recommended by customers. We also partner with the Salesforce industries teams to identify strategic partners that address common industry challenges for inclusion in the app guide. With over 4,000 solutions in inventory, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the ones that are right for your business. Happy exploring.

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