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Learn how Formstack helped their customer Tri Counties Bank automate their data collection processes.

SOLVE IT STORIES TALES OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS FROM OUR PARTNERS See How Formstack helped Tri Counties Bank fund 4,700+ loans totaling $633 million. THE CHALLENGE Tri Counties Bank provides a unique brand of customer service solutions throughout its stand-alone and in-store branches in communities throughout Northern and Central California. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, business owners in this region sought out Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. loans to A manual process would never support their business needs. Tri Counties Bank struggled to support have worked as the amount of the demand efficiently. It needed an online application process that data entry would have been too could collect a large sum of data points, while also integrating with its much for our team to manage. We current systems. With time sensitivity in mind, it needed a no-code needed tools like Formstack and solution that could specifically reduce data entry by bank staff while Salesforce to make this possible. allowing for easy configuration with the Small Business Thomas Kane Administration frequently changing requirements. It also needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with existing Salesforce SVP, Director of Marketing, solutions and applications, such as nCino and Financial Services Digital & Product Management, Cloud. Tri Counties Bank THE OPPORTUNITY Businesses often need to automate and process the collection of data quickly and at scale. Member FDIC HOW DO THEY ... · Decrease the time employees spend manually collecting and processing data? · Successfully integrate across existing AppExchange solutions and Financial Services Cloud? · Quickly review, edit, and process applications while keeping the customer experience top of mind? In the case of Tri Counties Bank, it needed a solution that could process incoming online PPP loan applications quickly and at scale to support the demand of struggling businesses during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was able to do this with the support of Formstack.

SOLVE IT STORIES TALES OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS FROM OUR PARTNERS THE SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME Within one week of implementing Formstack, Tri Counties Bank was able to create a secure online PPP loan application using Formstack’s Forms for Salesforce solution. With Formstack’s simple drag-and-drop interface, Salesforce native capabilities, and the ability to build off of Salesforce objects, Tri Counties Bank required no mapping of fields, coding, or data syncing when using the solution. As a result of the successful implementation, Tri Counties Bank was not only able to automate its entire loan application process from data collection to final documentation production within Salesforce, but it also saved countless jobs through the successful funding of loans efficiently. THIS HAS RESULTED IN ... · The origination and funding of 4,700+ loans totaling $633 million · The preservation of 66,000+ jobs from local businesses within local communities · A decrease in manual data entry and coding by employees CONSIDERATIONS FOR CUSTOMERS NEEDING TO AUTOMATE THEIR DATA COLLECTION PROCESSES: · Decrease the presence of data silos across an organization. Reducing data silos is important because not only does it unify the organization, but it also ensures that its customers are having a seamless experience across each touchpoint. In order to prevent data silos, businesses should invest in digital technology that simplifies cross-department collaboration. · Stay cautious about the number of tools your business is using. Often businesses will have a number of apps or tools that may share similar functions, which is not only a waste of money but also can stunt innovation. Research before investing in new software; the key is to look for digital technology that can work cross-functionally across different teams. Learn more Learn more about Formstack for Salesforce on AppExchange.