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The roles indicated are: Alliances + Ops: Relevant partner roles in Manage your organization’s partnership with Salesforce. (i.e., Alliances Director/Manager, Sales, Partner Account Manager, the onboarding journey Practice Lead, Strategic Alliances) Business Leader: Because each step of the onboarding journey Oversee company strategy and your relationship with Salesforce and drive revenue growth (i.e., Managing Partner, covers di昀昀erent parts of the business, we CXO, President, Sales) recommend di昀昀erent individuals at your company get involved throughout the process. Marketing: Below are the relevant roles we recommend Build brand awareness and drive demand through marketing for engaging in each step of the onboarding activities. (i.e., Marketing Director/Manager, CMO, Partner journey. We understand that the responsibilities Marketing) for each role across companies may di昀昀er, however Technical: you may refer to the table below as a guide. Drive customer success by building software solutions on the Salesforce Platform. (i.e., Architect, Developer, Solution Engineer) Onboarding Journey Applicable Roles If at any point in the process you are experiencing delays, contact your Salesforce business representative or log a case Learn about the AppExchange Business Leader, on the Partner Community Help Portal: Partner Program and B2C Technical Commerce ISV Partnership 1. Select your Partner Org from the Select an Org button. Business Leader, 2. Select Create a Case. Join the AppExchange Alliances + Ops, Legal Partner Program 3. Fill out Subject and Description. 4. (After waiting a few seconds) Select Pick a Di昀昀erent Product/Topic. Access Your B2C Commerce Technical 5. In the Product 昀椀eld, select Partner Programs & Bene昀椀ts. On-Demand Sandbox 6. In the Topic 昀椀eld, select B2C Commerce ISV Partners. Develop Your Cartridge or Technical 7. Select Create Case. Headless Integration Note: In case you are asked to create a Trailblazer.Me Pro昀椀le Publish an AppExchange Listing Marketing please get some help in this article. 3 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

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