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EMEA Industry Booklet | Find ISV apps for the manufacturing industry to help you solve business challenges.

EMEA ISV Industry Booklet Manufacturing

Contents WELCOME TO THE EMEA ISV INDUSTRY 01. Manufacturing ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3–7 BOOKLET FOR MANUFACTURING 02. Horizontal ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–21 93% of CIOs and IT Leaders say that in order to compete, they need Sales ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 improvements in customer experience and customer facing technology.* Service ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 To achieve this, initiatives to improve system integration and security are Marketing ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 considered vital. Employee Engagement ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 AppExchange applications speed up and ease integration as they are built on the same platform as the Salesforce Customer 360. This enables CIOs to break down 03. IT Infrastructure ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22–26 silos and securely integrate data and systems to achieve a single 360 customer Backup ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 view and therefore drive seamless customer experiences. DevOps ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 The AppExchange further aligns with CIO priorities by providing industry-specific Security ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 applications that further enable digital transformation in their sector. Usage and Adoption ISVs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 The manufacturing industry is undergoing a major revolution, with companies 04. Get in touch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 working to create digital, customer-centric business models that meet the demand for innovative, service-based offerings. As a result, tech solutions are being sought to enable data-driven product monitoring and IoT-enabled smart services, as well as facilitating workforce upskilling and engagement. The AppExchange has over 7,000 apps and certified consultants. This booklet highlights some of the ISV solutions in manufacturing that have the ability to execute in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Virginia Matassa VP ISV Partner Sales EMEA & APAC Salesforce *Salesforce Research analysed survey responses from 100+ technology leaders worldwide

Manufacturing ISV 360 EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 3

Manufacturing INDUSTRY ISVs ISVs that have a strong, proven use case within a specific industry ComplianceQuest is a modern-cloud enterprise quality and safety management DigitalRoute’s platform is purpose built to convert raw usage data into billable items system (QHSE) natively built and run on the Salesforce platform. Our unified QHSE enabling utilities to capitalise on usage-based business models. 400+ companies rely solutions help customers of all sizes deliver quality products and services in the on our platform for usage-based monetisation, quote-to-cash automation, finance safest, most sustainable way by mitigating risk and inefficiencies while protecting system consolidation, and telecom mediation. We deliver extreme precision in the customers, employees, suppliers and brand. most complex environments in the world. Learn More > Learn More > Conga helps manufacturers solve complex processes along the value chain where Empolis provides AI-based knowledge management for customer service and contracts are executed, approvals are issued, and documents are generated and support, enabling users to improve decision quality in troubleshooting, due to the signed. Conga’s revenue lifecycle management solutions help you conduct business intelligent representation of all relevant information. With additional predictive with certainty, ensuring compliance and accuracy while managing orders across analytics capabilities for IoT, the comprehensive Empolis solution optimises all channels. machine availability, automates root-cause-analysis and increases overall support Learn More > service performance. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 4

Unifying Salesforce and SAP – in real-time – is the enosix difference. enosix delivers Make sales planning fast, integrated and smart. Set sales targets and quotas faster a pre-built integration framework that provides visibility to SAP ERP systems within all for every sales representative. Jedox Planning simplifies top-down planning and SF Cloud solutions allowing you to win more with SAP Clients by combining real-time bottom-up budgeting on any level. Increase the frequency and accuracy of forecasts data integrations with speed and reliability. and create a multi-dimensional view of sales performance. Learn More > Learn More > Epicor CPQ provides super-powered CPQ for Salesforce. The seamlessly integrated visual product configurator can handle complex product options, pricing rules, NovumIP Platform Solutions is smart software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology manufacturing data, and digital commerce. Epicor CPQ is trusted by thousands of designed specifically to help patent owners to maximise the potential of their patent users globally from top companies, including Valmet, Cargotec, KparK, and Uponor. data. The ability to gather, organise, analyse and communicate patent data in a meaningful way can mean competitive advantage, speed-to-market, more accurate Learn More > budgeting, protection of your R&D efforts, and a means to demonstrate the impact IP makes to the bottom line. Learn More > Fielo is loyalty and incentive automation made simple. The Salesforce-native loyalty and incentives clouds allow organisations of all sizes to modernise their programs and bring the flexibility, power and cost advantages of digital to their critical loyalty and incentive programs. Leading Salesforce customers rely on Fielo Customer 360 meets Product 360 with Propel, the only integrated PLM, QMS, to create and manage their channel incentives, customer loyalty, and employee and commercialisation suite built on Salesforce. Salesforce and Propel help incentive programs. manufacturers deliver better customer experiences, launch more profitable products and streamline collaboration across the entire company, from sales to Learn More > service to engineering. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 5

Manufacturers are challenged with finding solutions to improve processes and ServiceMax is the global leader in service execution management, offering cloud- strengthen customer relationships. RenderDraw is designed to leverage information based software that improves the productivity of complex, equipment-centric in Salesforce and create an interactive 3D experience for users, customers and service execution. Enterprise companies across the globe have turned to ServiceMax partners. Visualisation and collaboration with 3D product renderings creates to help them keep the world running, while reaping the benefits of increased cohesive interactions and strengthens customer relationships without revenue, higher productivity, improved customer experience, secure enterprise leaving Salesforce. communication, greater safety and better compliance. Learn More > Learn More > Rootstock Software® is a worldwide provider of cloud ERP on the Salesforce cloud platform. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers Live video support with AR and AI for customers, technicians, and providers. manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organisations a single platform to Escalate any conversation to a video call, so your team sees what your customer, grow and manage their businesses. Rootstock Cloud ERP is a flexible, modern, and technician, or patient sees. Remotely diagnose and guide fast problem resolution. digitally-connected system that transforms companies to deliver a more personalised SightCall customers cross many industries including manufacturing, telco, insurance customer experience, efficiently scale operations, and out-service the competition. and utilities. Learn More > Learn More > Powered by configure, price and quote (CPQ), Tacton Smart Commerce enables manufacturers to do business in a smarter way. Our solutions include Tacton CPQ for streamlined processes, visualisation for an immersive experience, integrations to your most vital tools, design automation for engineer empowerment, analytics for intelligent decision making, and omnichannel sales that enable customers to shop the channels they desire. Gartner named Tacton the ‘go-to’ CPQ solution for manufacturers. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 6

Tavant Warranty On-Demand (TWOD) connects manufacturers, suppliers, service Vigience Overcast provides 50+ prepackaged integrations with Systems, channel partners, and customers on one cohesive, intelligent platform. Automated Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) Enterprise Resource Planning claims management, return merchandise authorisations (RMAs), warranty audits, (ERP) “as-a-service”. The synchronous and asynchronous interfaces span data, recalls, and service analytics provide a differentiating approach to managing process and UI layers to seamlessly connect business processes across Salesforce warranty and service. The app is proven to enable 50% increase in supplier and SAP. Ready-to-use, extendable solution bundles exist for SAP-connected Field recovery, 85% claims auto-processing, parts return optimisation, and automation of Service Lightning, Customer-360, Quote & Order Management, Manufacturing recall campaigns. Cloud and B2B commerce. Learn More > Learn More > The TeamViewer integration for Salesforce enables customers to embed remote Zilliant powers intelligent commerce for B2B companies with cloud-native pricing access and support functions, as well as remote support powered by augmented and sales software. We help our customers use data to deploy their commercial reality (AR), into their Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud environments. This strategies intelligently and effectively execute in go-to-market channels using AI and helps customers resolve issues faster and increase customer satisfaction. data science, pricing and sales expertise, highly scalable software, and a passion for customer success. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 7

HORIZONTAL ISV 360 (SALES) Document Generation & Contract Management Productivity Sales Methodology EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 8

Horizontal ISVs ISVs that have a proven use case across multiple industries and business units Sales ISVs Conga offers solutions designed to make your company’s revenue more predictable. Docomotion makes it easier to automatically generate documents on Salesforce, From quoting, executing, fulfilling, and expanding or renewing contracts, our drastically improving both your business efficiency and your workday. Easily set up technology and holistic approach manage revenue as a lifecycle, making it one-click actions - no code required - to generate any type of document from any automated, integrated, and – most importantly – more intelligent. type of data, or use Salesforce’s inherent automation tools such as Visual Flow. Learn More > Learn More > Delpha is a DataOps solution native to Salesforce that offers both automatic and Automate and connect the entire agreement process with DocuSign. DocuSign manual solutions to improve data quality efficiently and easily for better SalesOps Agreement Cloud for Salesforce helps businesses connect and automate how they performance. Delpha helps your revenue teams recoup 70% of their time that’s prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements — all integrated with Salesforce. With wasted on processing bad CRM data by allowing it to import, enrich, generate, DocuSign, organisations can do business faster with less risk, lower costs, and better cleanse and/or update data automatically. experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 99

Sales ISVs Dun & Bradstreet is the global leader in commercial data. We provide native data Highspot is the sales enablement platform that Salesforce users trust. Highspot management capabilities to the Salesforce ecosystem which ensures that clients increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and have confidence in the information held on their accounts, leads and contacts. Our consistent execution. Highspot’s patented AI uses Salesforce data to recommend solutions are easy to deploy, prevent duplication and keep key information updated. the best content, guidance, training, and engagement intelligence in every deal – We enable more accurate reporting, increased sales productivity and greater enabling every rep at the moment of action. user adoption. Learn More > Learn More > Recently recognised as a top 10 fastest growing technology company in Deloitte’s Fonteva enables membership organisations to modernise their technology platform Fast 50 Awards, Introhive helps organisations realise the full value of their to navigate today’s fast-changing environment, better serve members, and achieve relationships and under-utilised data. By ensuring adoption at all levels of Salesforce current and future goals. Fonteva is a full enterprise software solution used by over implementation, Introhive ensures users fully embrace CRM and keeps data clean 300 associations around the world to bring member communities together and drive and accurate, thus increasing ROI and pipeline growth. data-informed decision making. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 1010

Sales ISVs Korn Ferry Sell enables you to consistently replicate successful wins throughout A complete and trusted view of your customers right inside your Salesforce. your organisation. With the proven first-in-class Miller Heiman method, AI-powered Plauti is a 100% native and complete data quality solution that consolidates, technology, and seamless integration with Salesforce, we can help you generate deduplicates, standardizes, validates, enriches and transforms all your customer powerful, actionable insights so that your sellers are set up for success right from data. Empower your employees with a customer 360 & delight your customers with the get-go. Take your Salesforce data to the next level by developing and replicating a seamless experience. powerful sales strategies with Korn Ferry Sell native AppExchange application. Learn what makes your top sellers win and replicate that success across your sales team. Learn More > Learn More > Riva is the revenue data solution that makes planning, acceleration, and engagement activities more effective by connecting your communication stack to your CRM. We Make mobile calls count, with the only operator-agnostic, network-grade solution improve data quality, boost agent and advisor productivity and deliver compliant that provides organisations with a 360-degree view of business communications data sharing in complex banking and insurance environments. without compromising on privacy. Capture, log, record, transcribe and integrate your employees’ cellular business communications with Salesforce, HVS, AI-based BI and Learn More > other systems. Learn More > Unleash the power of content without leaving Salesforce. Seismic’s leading sales enablement solution delivers personalised content at scale right from the Salesforce platform. Over 700 enterprises, including IBM, Allianz, and American Express, rely PipeLaunch automatically enriches Salesforce with your Ideal Customer Profile on Seismic’s solution to support field and inside sales teams, helping to improve (ICP) and suggests additional matching profiles from LinkedIn, including their sales efficiency, increase Salesforce engagement, and close bigger deals faster. email address, company news, technology stack and credit score, accurately and Learn More > quickly. PipeLaunch removes 9 hours per week spent on research, resulting in faster prospecting and pipeline generation within Salesforce. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 1111

Sales ISVs Showpad is the most complete and flexible sales enablement platform, relied Upland Altify helps revenue teams connect to customers’ goals, buying processes on by marketing and sales teams to prepare sellers, engage buyers and optimise and desired outcomes. Our Customer Revenue Optimisation (CRO) applications are performance through insights. Providing a single user experience, our solution 100% Salesforce native, and help align the revenue teams to generate value and makes it easy to discover and share the right content, deliver training and coaching, grow revenue. Altify applications provide the strategy, methodology, and technology and maximise seller productivity. to ensure you win opportunities that matter, grow revenue in key accounts and build Learn More > repeatable winning sales processes. Learn More > SmartCOMM™ for Salesforce is the industry-leading enterprise document Xactly is leading the way in sales performance management delivering planning, generation platform specifically designed to meet today’s complex customer needs. execution, and optimisation to ambitious and complex sales organisations. We help SmartCOMM helps enterprises deliver personalised, interactive communications sales orgs change and adapt to optimal sales capacity, territories, comp plans, and via customers’ preferred channels. Designed for the business user, SmartCOMM payment structures. Sales representatives get visibility, managers find clarity, and all simplifies and standardises communications processes leading to improved internal leaders across finance, accounting, and your go-to-market org see a return. efficiency, increased ROI and better customer experience. Learn More > Learn More > SMS-Magic are leaders in conversational messaging for service providers (health, education, staffing, finance and more), helping them generate more leads (bulk sends), qualify more leads and service more customers (automate communication) on messaging channels like SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger among others. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 12

HORIZONTAL ISV 360 (SERVICE) Customer Experience Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) ITSM & Project Management EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 13

service ISVS Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, Cadalys Service Management is a 100% Coveo enables enterprises to thrive in the experience age by delivering unique native IT Service Management (ITSM) application that delivers out-of-the-box IT experiences that are relevant, unified, and valuable. The Coveo Experience Infrastructure Library (ITIL) workflows, providing a unified service and support Intelligence Platform uses AI, intelligent search and recommendation technologies experience for employees, customers and partners. Cadalys Service Management to personalise millions of digital experiences. Coveo delivers solutions for commerce works seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud for fast configuration, ease of use, and service built on the Coveo Experience Intelligence platform for enterprises. and flexibility without the expense and burden of relying on other platforms or software. Learn More > Learn More > The Medallia Experience Cloud is a customer experience platform which brings together the best capabilities for collecting voice-of-customer feedback and signals, Every company runs projects, for research and development marketing, customer analysing the results and bringing insights to employees for customer-centric action. onboarding, customer success, IT and much more. Cloud Coach is the only With the Medallia Sales & Service Experience integration application, this outside-in enterprise class project management solution built on Salesforce. Cloud Coach view of the customer can be unified with Salesforce data to ensure that employees supports both waterfall and agile project methodologies so there is no business we are aligned with customers, drive higher customer loyalty, and improve can’t help provide value to! business outcomes. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 14

service ISVS Natterbox delivers global cloud telephony, 100% embedded in Salesforce. Complete the true 360° view of your customers by connecting, managing, and Natterbox empowers businesses to use live CRM data to deliver high call quality, analysing customer reviews and questions with nearly 50 integrations including: personalised phone journeys around the globe. Natterbox enables you to increase Amazon, Google My Business, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Ocado, Trustpilot, efficiency, improve productivity and enhance the customer experience. Plus, Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews and Yotpo. Reputation Studio aggregates reviews into a Natterbox Freedom offers a transformative interface with the ability to work single dashboard, enabling direct engagement and unlocking AI-powered wherever you want, from any device you want. customer insights. Learn More > Learn More > Odigo delivers cloud contact centre solutions to enterprise customers in over 80 Live video support with AR and AI for customers, technicians, and providers. Escalate countries worldwide. As a leader in Natural Language Processing, Odigo helps any conversation to a video call, so your team sees what your customer, technician, businesses to automate the qualification of customer calls and manage interactions or patient sees. Remotely diagnose and guide to fast problem resolution. SightCall with their customers. As a Service Cloud Voice Telephony Partner, Odigo drives customers cross many industries including manufacturing, telco, insurance personalised customer interactions across any channel, combining data-driven and utilities. design with Einstein AI. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 15

service ISVS Talkdesk offers customers a true enterprise-grade, out-of-the-box, contact centre InGenius connects phone systems to Salesforce for sales & service team enhanced solution that exceeds the best of what other CCaaS competitors on the market bring productivity. Whether you’re looking for an enterprise connector to power Service to the table - from IVR, advanced transfers, voice biometrics, analytics and ease Cloud Voice or a classic CTI solution, Upland InGenius has a solution. Seamlessly of use. With Talkdesk being out of the box, we can get customers up and running connect Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Asterisk, and Mitel phone systems with Salesforce. quickly, meaning the SFDC seller gets paid quicker! Learn More > Learn More > RightAnswers provides a comprehensive AI-enabled knowledge management solution in the cloud to improve customer service in your contact centre. We help As a customer-centric organisation, you want to deliver a consistent standard your CSRs and customers find relevant answers to questions and issues on the web of support worldwide. Unbabel helps your agents instantly become multilingual. or on mobile devices. With the efficiency of augmented machine translation and the local nuance of our post-editors, Unbabel helps customer support agents to communicate with Learn More > customers in any language, giving organisations increased flexibility, productivity, and lower operating costs. Learn More > Vonage Contact Centre for Salesforce is the 100% native global business cloud telephony system for the world’s leading CRM platform. The highest rated voice solution (over 730 five-star reviews) on the AppExchange, it enables personalised client relationships at enterprise scale, super-charges agent productivity from white glove to high volume support, and provides artificial conversation intelligence (AI) to enhance every touch point on every interaction. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 16

Horizontal ISV 360 marketing employee engagement EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 1717

Marketing ISVS Blackthorn’s suite of apps is focused on enhancing ‘Return on Engagement’ Segment your Marketing Cloud data without SQL queries. DESelect opens the door strategies by providing tools that connect organisations to their constituents in to non-technical marketers with no-code software. We help any SFMC user unlock meaningful ways. Whether it’s through events and conferences, easy self-service the full power of SQL, accelerate campaign execution, increase productivity, and payment options, or mobile communications, our apps enhance customer insights reduce costs while ending technical dependencies. Customers include T-Mobile, & make data actionable in Salesforce. Volvo, Accenture, Emerald, Merkle and more. Learn More > Learn More > Bynder is the leader among cloud-based digital asset management, workflow and Movable Ink powered campaigns auto-generate 1:1 personalised content at scale, brand management platforms because of the preference among clients for its easy- live at the moment of engagement. Marketers can leverage first and third-party to-navigate user interface and enterprise-grade feature set. Bynder has grown rapidly data sources to power these campaigns across email, web, and mobile, based on in EMEA and AMER with customers including Shell, Philips, Tommy Hilfiger, Forever the creative and brand standards previously defined. This ensures every customer 21, Irving Oil, and Sally Beauty. communication contains relevant, personalised, and accurate content that compels Learn More > users to act. Learn More > CoreMedia Content Cloud. Be Iconic. Leverage powerful, easy omnichannel content creation, digital asset management and multi-experience orchestration by integrating CoreMedia Content Cloud DXP with Salesforce B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, and Marketing Cloud. Move at the speed of culture and create iconic experiences across channels and devices. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 18

Marketing ISVS optilyz enables companies to run more customer-centric, sustainable, and The Sitecore and Salesforce partnership brings together Sitecore’s leadership in profitable direct mail campaigns. The tool is easily activated within the Salesforce content and digital experience management and Salesforce’s leading capabilities in Marketing Cloud and used by hundreds of companies across Europe. It empowers segmentation and campaign management. The partnership is centred around two marketers to integrate letters, postcards, and self-mailers into their cross-channel important tenets of unified data and faster time to market. The by-product results customer journeys. in the ability to truly personalise, optimise, and speak to customers at a 1:1 level through content, campaigns, and customer relationships. Learn More > Learn More > Phrasee is an AI-powered SaaS platform that revolutionises customer experiences through Brand Language Optimisation. The Phrasee platform brings together Vudoo enables you to create interactive experiences within video content. artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, as the only tool of its kind, to Personalised interactions drive engagement, uncovering insights that enhance generate, optimise, automate, and analyse language in real-time. Joint customers the use of Marketing Cloud, and generate business outcomes. Use cases include of Phrasee and Salesforce can deploy on-brand language at scale, driving significant shoppable video, commerce, ‘choose your own adventure’ and training. campaign performance uplift, with minimal operational effort. Learn More > Learn More > Wunderkind, formerly BounceX, is an expert at helping eComm leaders win SalesWings is the “B2B Studio” for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helping companies to customers by creating true 1:1 experiences for currently anonymous traffic across generate leads for sales teams. Flexible lead website tracking, no-code lead scoring devices. With Salesforce, customers are scaling list growth +4-6x through best- and sales reporting for Sales Cloud, all ensure that the best leads are engaged with in-class email capture strategy, and matching site visitors to CRM, increasing timely and effectively. abandonment email revenue +6x. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 19

employee engagement ISVS Bullhorn for Salesforce is a comprehensive recruitment application built on the m|ployee is a solution for the staffing and professional service industry on the platform supporting the sales, recruiting, and operational processes Salesforce platform. You can implement m|ployee as a stand-alone solution or as an within staffing agencies. Used by some of the largest agencies in the world, Bullhorn add-on to one of the Salesforce Clouds. Manage candidates, time, contracts, finance accelerates the adoption and usage of the core Salesforce services including Sales and talent all in one place. One single point of truth and 100% control of time and Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and others. resources. Your flows, your processes, your business. Learn More > Learn More > Recruiting new talent is one thing, retaining them is a whole different ball Sage People provides an end-to-end HR solution on the Salesforce platform. Sage game. Byner is a unique app that helps companies in Staffing, Recruitment and Intacct is the world’s largest global pure-play financial management provider, with Consultancy to recruit, search, match, coach, service and engage talent, thus excellent integration into Salesforce. Both products have five-star AppExchange creating an infinite cycle of employee engagement. reviews. Sage Intacct and People help finance and HR professionals manage insights to help their organisations analyse, strategise, and anticipate. They integrate Learn More > processes and procedures, delivering strong ROI. Learn More > HR2day is the HR and payroll cloud solution for today and tomorrow. The vision is to help organisations optimise their HR and payroll processes by using HR2days — a 100% native Salesforce cloud application. HR2day is available for the Dutch market and focuses on 250+ employee organisations. The functional scope covers HR administration, self service, talent management, payroll, leave, sick leave, expenses and HR analytics. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 20

employee engagement ISVS SalesTrip is an expense management and travel booking system on Salesforce. Do HR, talent, engagement, performance, people analytics, and payroll are high on the your employees waste time switching between Salesforce, travel booking sites and business agenda and, for Salesforce customers, XCD offers the only single solution. your expense system just to visit customers? SalesTrip combines this. As a business, With three-quarters of UK organisations predicted to increase their HR tech budget does it take days to reconcile these employee travel costs against specific customers, this year, the market potential is huge. So if they say HR, payroll or people software, projects and sales opportunities? SalesTrip automates this. Better manage and justify think XCD. expense spend with SalesTrip. Learn More > Learn More > Bullhorn Workforce Management powers the world’s dynamic workforce. The world’s leading employers transform their business operations by relying on Bullhorn Workforce Management to streamline the management of their hourly workers. Our cloud-based software enables management to save valuable time in scheduling shifts, managing compliance, monitoring staff, and processing payroll, while increasing gross profit for temporary staffing agencies struggling with the evolving demands of the rapidly emerging dynamic workforce. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 21

IT Infrastructure ISV 360 backup usage and adoption security devops EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 2222

IT INFRASTRUCTURE ISVs ISVs that enhance Salesforce, speed up deployments, reduce risk, and increase usage and adoption backup ISVs For large organisations that leverage Salesforce as a mission-critical application, GRAX is the leading Data Value Platform for Salesforce. With GRAX, customers Odaseva delivers enterprise-class data governance, providing data protection can own & access their Salesforce history - backup & archive data into their AWS or (backup, ultra-high availability, governor limits AI), data privacy (GDPR, CCPA) and Azure cloud. In addition, GRAX enables customers to pipe their data for dataOps data ops (Salesforce DX Extensions). Odaseva’s data governance platform is trusted easily - data warehouses/lakes, data mastering, and reporting (Tableau, QuickSight, by 10+ million Salesforce Enterprise users from industry-leading companies such as PowerBI, & others). Schneider Electric, Heineken and Robert Half. Learn More > Learn More > OwnBackup is the #1 SaaS data protection platform for Salesforce, with nearly 5,000 customers and 450 5-star reviews on the AppExchange. Through capabilities like data security, backup and recovery, archiving, and sandbox seeding, OwnBackup empowers Salesforce customers to manage and protect the mission-critical data that drives their organisation. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 2233

devops ISVs Copado is a leading native DevOps & Testing platform for Salesforce. We enable faster, error-free digital cloud deployments and upgrades with continuous integration and deployment technologies. All this is delivered via a native, enterprise- class developer platform which is fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds. Copado delivers the quality, speed and scale required by central and local governments to meet the needs of their citizens. Learn More > Panaya’s ForeSight helps you foresee the impact and risk of any change you plan to make, before going live in production. You can run an impact analysis in real time, based on the dependencies of the components in your Salesforce org, including: apex classes, process builders, fields and more. Imagine your next deployment with confidence, minus the risk. That’s ForeSight. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 24

security ISVs WithSecure™ empowers organisations to take full advantage of Salesforce’s rich InCountry provides Salesforce customers with the tools and controls necessary to collaboration capabilities. We do this by protecting companies who collaborate and expand into new regions and countries requiring greater data residency compliance. share content with partners and customers. Unlike traditional endpoint protection Store and process Salesforce data in more countries like China, while staying products, our solution scans in real-time for malware, computer viruses and harmful compliant based on data regulations and your company’s requirements. web content in documents uploaded or downloaded from Salesforce. This allows organisations to stay compliant and safe. Learn More > Learn More > Built natively on the Salesforce platform, OwnBackup Secure delivers data security Trusted by over 8,500 facilities in highly-regulated industries, Imprivata FairWarning insights to guide data classification, compliance requirements, encryption, and delivers the standard for visibility into Salesforce user activity. With Imprivata evidence-based reporting to give leaders confidence in their SaaS data. OwnBackup FairWarning Cloud Solutions, you can interpret user behaviours in real-time, speed Secure helps your organisation strengthen security by understanding data exposure investigations with workflow automation and predict risk with artificial intelligence. risks and proactively taking action to protect your Salesforce data. Visualise insider threats with FairWarning to foster a culture of compliance and trust Learn More > across your employees, partners and customers. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 25

usage and adoption ISVs Improved Apps is the only native digital enablement tool for Salesforce. It helps improve user productivity and knowledge by engaging employees, customers and partners in their preferred way. Now, all the training, learning and knowledge absorption can be done in-situ, at the user’s point of need, on any device. A typical customer will see a return on investment within three months. Learn More > InsideBoard is the first digital platform for change management integrated into Salesforce, to boost, measure and sustain user adoption and team performance. Leveraging AI and the power of communities, InsideBoard is the most complete solution for engaging employees in a seamless, self-service and personalised manner and driving company transformation ROI. Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 26

EEnnjojoyy r reeaaddinging aabbooutut t thheessee a apppsps?? WWaannt tt to fo fiinndd ooutut m moorree?? AppExchange is the most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace with over 7000 apps ForFor m mororee in infforormmaattiionon on on A AppppEExxcchhaannggee and certified consultants to help you extend Salesforce in any department and industry. ssooluluttioionnss,, ddrroop up us a ls a liinnee o or gr geet it in tn toouucchh AppExchange apps have 10M+ installs and more than 117K customer reviews to help you wwiitth yh yoouur Sr Saalleessffoorrcce Ae Accccoouunnt Et Exxeeccuuttiivvee solve critical challenges and make smarter business decisions. The apps featured in these booklets have been selected based on their strong use cases in the selected industries, and an EMEA presence with in-region support for our customers. EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 2727