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service ISVS Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, Cadalys Service Management is a 100% Coveo enables enterprises to thrive in the experience age by delivering unique native IT Service Management (ITSM) application that delivers out-of-the-box IT experiences that are relevant, unified, and valuable. The Coveo Experience Infrastructure Library (ITIL) workflows, providing a unified service and support Intelligence Platform uses AI, intelligent search and recommendation technologies experience for employees, customers and partners. Cadalys Service Management to personalise millions of digital experiences. Coveo delivers solutions for commerce works seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud for fast configuration, ease of use, and service built on the Coveo Experience Intelligence platform for enterprises. and flexibility without the expense and burden of relying on other platforms or software. Learn More > Learn More > The Medallia Experience Cloud is a customer experience platform which brings together the best capabilities for collecting voice-of-customer feedback and signals, Every company runs projects, for research and development marketing, customer analysing the results and bringing insights to employees for customer-centric action. onboarding, customer success, IT and much more. Cloud Coach is the only With the Medallia Sales & Service Experience integration application, this outside-in enterprise class project management solution built on Salesforce. Cloud Coach view of the customer can be unified with Salesforce data to ensure that employees supports both waterfall and agile project methodologies so there is no business we are aligned with customers, drive higher customer loyalty, and improve can’t help provide value to! business outcomes. Learn More > Learn More > EMEA ISV Industry Booklet — Manufacturing 14

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