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The Scenario In this example, let’s see how a director of digital marketing uses SurveyMonkey Enterprise to test new products, measure them against industry benchmarks, and provide weekly reports to her executive team. SurveyMonkey solves Sandra’s challenges by helping her to: Provide valuable insights to her executive team. With brand tracking, Sandra is able to give her executive team weekly dashboards to showcase recent insights and long-term trends so they can make more informed decisions. Leverage customer data to tell a compelling story. Sandra’s team was able to message-test a new value proposition and receive feedback from 292 finance and accounting professionals. The qualitative and quantitative results helped them fine-tune messaging. Respond quickly to customer feedback. Within a few months of revamping the survey process, survey completion rates have hit 94% and the bank’s NPS is up almost 15 points. Increase the team’s first-call resolution rate. Sandra and her team can now automatically track CSAT and capture case-closed feedback. This has enabled them to increase their first-call resolution rate by 10% over the previous quarter. Sandra is responsible for ensuring her bank is competitive in an evolving digital landscape, and that customers view her company as trustworthy and credible. Sandra Survey Director of Digital Marketing Learn more about SurveyMonkey Enterprise Her Goals: • Help her executive team make informed decisions • Increase the bank’s NPS and first-call resolution rate • Ensure marketing efforts are resonating with the bank’s target audience Her Challenges: • Low survey completion rates • Siloed data • No effective way to validate the bank’s marketing strategy

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