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The Scenario In this example, let’s imagine how a VP of customer experience uses SurveyMonkey to get real-time insights on her industry, customers, competitors, and brand. SurveyMonkey solves Fiona’s challenges by helping her to: Use real-time customer insights to track sentiments about her company. The constant flow of market research data from 175M+ panelists in 130+ countries allows Fiona to keep a live pulse on consumer preferences. She is able to ensure respondents reflect the right target customers with 200+ attributes and custom screeners available. AI digs through the data and alerts Fiona to any statistically significant shifts. Create a multidimensional, omni-channel NPS program. Fiona is now able to measure the impact of her company’s customer experience programs and understand how they measure up against competitors. Use customer satisfaction surveys to get actionable data. SurveyMonkey’s seamless Salesforce integration automatically feeds customer responses into Salesforce to create a single source of truth and ensure companywide visibility. Accurately determine the optimal price. In-product guidance and best practices make price optimization a breeze for Fiona’s team, and it helps ensure a positive customer experience at the point of purchase. Fiona and her team are responsible for creating a consumer-centric business strategy with end-to-end market insights. Fiona Feedback VP of Customer Experience Learn more about SurveyMonkey Enterprise Her Goals: • Evolve the company’s strategy and stay on top of global trends • Meet the diverse needs of the company’s customer base • Create a single source of truth for customer feedback • Deliver an excellent customer experience Her Challenges: • Tracking customer preferences across the U.S., Asia, and Europe • Determining optimal price points across markets • Overwhelming amount of disconnected feedback makes it difficult to understand what’s working well and where there are opportunities to improve

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