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Industry Ebook: Medallia [Financial Services]

Here’s how Medallia can help financial services firms like yours to grow revenue by winning and delighting customers. In Real Life FINANCIAL SERVICES Convert and retain more customers. Proactively identify and engage with individuals most receptive to products and services. Improve digital customer experiences. Quickly identify and fix sources of friction and costly channel switching with real-time analytics and closed- loop workflows. Drive more cross selling and upselling. See how our partner Medallia tackles Increase conversions during buying and account challenges in the financial services industry. opening by acting on signals in the moment. From big-picture problems, to the specific needs of a bank CXO, Medallia has it covered. Medallia enables financial services organizations to capture, Aquire and retain top talent. analyze, and act on customer signals — direct feedback and Recruit highly engaged employees and support their interaction data from conversations in the branch and needs as they progress. contact center to interactions across the web, mobile apps and social media — and transform experiences across the omnichannel financial journey. Keep reading to learn more about how Medallia helps a bank CXO retain customers and evolve their experiences as their banking needs change.

The Big Picture Medallia enables you to deliver Deliver exceptional customer experiences excellent service. that drive business outcomes. The Challenge: Difficulty identifying and addressing pain points in the customer experience lifecycle can lead Deepen to dissatisfaction and callbacks. customer The Solution: Medallia enables you to reinforce positive behaviors with relationships. real-time engagement and coach The Challenge: Banks need to development areas at the frontline. convert and retain more customers to grow wallet share and assets under management (AUM). The Solution: Medallia helps you identify and solve conversion problems and improve experiences that drive cross-sell and customer referrals. Stop employee churn. The Challenge: High attrition and low morale rates lead to less Deliver service experienced and enthusiastic excellence. employees interacting with customers. The Challenge: Difficulty providing The Solution: Medallia provides consistently superior service ongoing employee listening and experiences in contact center and analytics to sustain engagement branch interactions. throughout an employee’s tenure, The Solution: Medallia up-levels your enabling efforts to improve their front line employee performance and experience, development and job satisfaction through real-time performance. engagement and coaching that leverages rep-specific client feedback

How Medallia Solves The Close-up Sally’s Challenges See how a CXO uses Medallia to build trust and loyalty with world-class Innovate from outside in. experience management for Medallia allows Sally’s team to combine omni-channel consumer banking and wealth customer feedback and transaction data with AI- management. powered Text Analytics and powerful insights reporting to guide innovation and investment decisions. Dial up digital banking. Medallia Digital enables Sally’s team to partner with Diamond Bank’s digital teams to capture, analyze in real time, and take action in rapid cycles on direct digital customer feedback and 100% of digital interactions in SALLY LAKE real time. CXO, Diamond Bank Grow stronger relationships. Medallia provides loan officers and relationship Sally needs to make sure Diamond Bank delivers exceptional customer managers with dashboards and direct customer experiences at all times. feedback to resolve customer issues and meet their needs with a rapid closed loop process that builds loyalty Her Goals: Her Challenges: and lifetime customer value. - Ensure Diamond Bank is the one and only - Customers’ expectations are rising for a wider bank for its customers array of services, and seamless, personalized - Upsell existing customers omni-channel experiences - Gain new customers through referrals - It only takes one bad experience for a customer to move their banking services - Provide all customers with a positive to competitors experience at every interaction - Customers are rapidly migrating to mobile Learn more about Medallia app and online banking.